Be PND Aware! PND Awareness Week 2012

It’s PND Awareness week, driven by PANDA .

As a result, there have been many mums and dads come out from the shadows and share their personal and harrowing accounts of their depression, anxiety and trauma. I feel so humbled and so privileged to have been involved in the sharing. I have read some terribly sad stories and have read some wonderfully uplifting stories. All real accounts of parents fighting their own inner battles, where they think they are alone, fumbling in the dark.

What’s so incredibly uplifting about PND Awareness week, is it hasn’t just been about telling those who have not been affected, but it’s also been a wonderful opportunity for those of us in the online community to let other vulnerable parents know that they are not alone. That even on their darkest days, where the isolation and depression is at its worst. When it feels like you’ll never come through the other side. There is another mum or dad out there struggling too. There are mums and dads out there who can tell their tales of triumph. It gives us who are still fumbling in the dark the knowledge that we too can beat The Beast.

I started this blog for a couple of reasons. I needed to get my feelings off my chest was first and foremost. Secondly, I wanted to share my story in the hope that another mum or dad who was hurting, may find my posts and seek help. It’s also this reason that I have linked other organisations to help, like Beyond Blue and also listing the phone number for Lifeline 131114. Proving that no matter how alone you feel, there is always someone out there who will be a sympathetic ear and will help you.

So thank you to everyone who has read my words this week. And previous weeks. Some of you have said that I am a strong woman and honestly, my strength as a whole comes from you all. My friends who’ve known of my struggle for a while now, have also been amazing. The love of my husband and my family. And finally, the absolute love of my baby girl. There have been days where I have resented her. I wouldn’t be sick if not for her, but I also wouldn’t know the greatest love of all without her.

Until next time my friends, xx


Thank you PANDA


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