My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts

So thanks to Kirsty and RoboMum I’m joining in on another blog ‘challenge’.

I’ll preface this with the following: I’m certainly not an ungrateful sod, this is all for comedic purposes only, even though I have to admit at the time I was pretty pissed off!

1: The Glass Fruit Bowl

Secret Santa at work, it never ends well. So I don’t play anymore. This one year, I was 19 years old. $10 limit. I was the recipient of a ‘Reject Shop’ glass fruit bowl with the price tag still attached. $2.50. Thanks very much.

2: The DVD

My 21st, I was given the truly awful Farrelly Brothers movie, Stuck on You DVD. At the time, Pizza Hut was running a promotion that if you ordered pizza for delivery with coke and garlic bread, they gave you a DVD. I’ll let you fill in the gaps.

3: Wine and chocolate

Two bottles of cheap ‘bubbly’ and a block of chocolate. I was four months pregnant. Everyone knew I was pregnant.

4: Shitty ‘Literature’

The Barney Stinson guide for picking up chicks. Yeah. Umm. I don’t even know where to start explaining that one.

5: Wedding Presents

Mortar and pestle. When I got married, we had a gift registry and friends of ours that had been married previously suggested that we add small things too in case anyone wanted to spend say $100 but only spent $85. So we added some small things like salad servers and a $14.95 ceramic mortar and pestle. From an aunty and uncle, they bought us the mortar and pestle as their gift. Two couples who came to our wedding didn’t even give us a gift! One gave us a cheque that bounced, so I got a fee from my bank!

So there you go. Have you been the recipient of a not very well thought out or crappy gift?


5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Crappiest Gifts

    • I know that people face financial hardship or don’t want to talk about it, I’d honestly rather nothing than something that had no thought or care factor put into it. That’s what hurts more than anything.

  1. i got a bible at my wedding. ungrateful me says i cant even use it as a doorstop.i did however get the company of those i loved, so that was awesome.

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