It’s been a bit of a funny day, but we’re home now ( a day earlier than we had planned) and some normality has returned. Missy is in bed and husband and I are doing the Gen Y social media thing. I’m here on my Macbook Pro, iPhone 4S and iPad 2, watching Foxtel. While he’s sitting there on his iPhone 4 watching something or facebooking, or something.

It’s comfortable and it’s good.

Actually today I drove the furthest I’ve ever driven before. I drove from Canberra to my parents house in south western Sydney. I was four hours sitting in the car (we had drive through McDonalds, so I didn’t actually get out of the seat even though I had a break) and I was numb. I don’t know how the long haul drivers do it. I don’t know how my husband did it last year when we drove from Sydney to Melbourne and back via Bendigo and Ballarat in one weekend (we were picking up a car, not just going for a drive south for something to do).

Also, I’ve finally found a theme that I like for the blog. I’ve always liked rainbow colours. Also while I’m not deflecting my now 18 month old daughter off my keyboard, I’ve added a facebook widget for my page. I love using my computer it’s just so hard now that she thinks she can type everything along with me.

Can you believe she’s 18 months old? Those of you who followed #ClairzillaBumpWatch on Twitter back in the old days of my old account, may very well be feeling just like me when I say “Where did that time go?” I was pregnant with her forever.

Also today since Christmas and New Year and all the holiday festivities are officially over, I’m able to start my new lifestyle. It’s much too difficult to start dieting etc over Christmas and holiday periods. I did however, cut down on my portion sizes already and also cut right back on the fizzy drinks. So many empty calories in them. I had chicken salad for dinner and it was good. I even bought cereal for breakfast. I know, right? I’m actually looking forward to doing something about my appearance. I feel so disgusting. The self-loathing isn’t helping my mental state at all.

Anyway, it’s just about midnight here and I’m sure my daughter will wake at 3am, which is her latest trick. Which is just awesome considering she had only been sleeping through the night for about a month anyway.

I’m rambling, will post again soon,

xx Clair


She thinks she knows everything about computers


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