It’s getting hot in herrrrrre

If you’re on the Twitters or Facebook then I can guarantee that today you’ve seen statuses that contain the words ‘hot’, ‘OMG’ and ‘aircon’. Am I right?

Yep, it’s January in Australia and we’re quite used to weather extremes here. In the winter time, there are some nights that drop down to minus 3 degrees. It doesn’t snow where I live (it does in the alps), but some mornings the ice crunches under your feet as you walk. Where I live, in western Sydney, the temperature today reached 42 degrees Celsius (which for our American friends, is 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Which is not even as hot as the temperatures out in central Australia through the desert.

Today our Bureau of Meteorology had to add an extra colour to their chart because the temperatures predicted have exceeded past records set.

Not something to be proud of, I assure you. Side note, where are all the climate change deniers today?


54 degrees Celsius! Who knew?

Not quite sure where this blog post is going, my brain is well and truly overheating. It’s currently 32 degrees Celsius in my bedroom despite air conditioning and an oscillating fan. Combine that with my diet (new years resolution) and extreme sugar withdrawal, I’m a mess.

I guess I’ll make it a community service announcement, I am a nurse after all.

If you’re in a fire zone, have your plan ready. Pack a bag with supplies. Don’t forget your drinking water and mobile phone charger! If you’re advised to evacuate, do it. Yep it’s pretty crap losing your house, but it’s worse to die.

Keep your fluids up. Kids and elderly people are particularly affected by the heat, so offer lots of water, bottles or breastmilk.

Wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

Don’t drink too much alcohol (heat and beer do not go so well together).

Leave a container of water outside for the birds. Those poor darlings will dehydrate and die in this extreme heat. Keep your pets well hydrated too.

Keep your windows and curtains closed. Shutters too if you have them. Keeping the lights off too will help keep your house cool and also relieve some of the demand on electricity.

Also if you’re in a fire zone and have asthma, make sure you have enough ventolin on you.

If you have an iPhone or Android and are in New South Wales, download the Fires Near Me app. It’s brilliant.

Take care xx


Splish splash


4 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in herrrrrre

  1. You’re a good woman chucking in a community service announcement ;o)))
    I tweeted about the elderly today too. Kids usually have someone to look after them but the elderly often don’t… I don’t know my new neighbourhood well enough but at the old place, we had an elderly bro and sis across the road. I loved them and would check on them often… Anyway I am raving on about nothing… Good night… X

  2. Seems strange to me having all that heat for Christmas time.

    May I suggest a few things to add to your grab and go bag or bug out bag as I call it. It may reduce some stress if you are forced to leave due to fire.

    Copy all of your pictures onto a thumb drive as well as any important documents. It doesn’t take up much room in the bag. Also add a small note book with your contact names, doctor’s names, prescription meds and the like written out.

    • They’re great tips 🙂 thank you. And yep, Christmas time in Australia is in the heat of summer. I couldn’t imagine not going swimming or having a BBQ. Today is tipped again to be 43-45 degrees Celsius. However not sure if we’ll reach that, we had a thunderstorm at 10am. It’s very humid though.

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