Giving Birth During a Cyclone

This mother’s story is horrifying. Contains lots of triggers- birth trauma and also natural disaster triggers. It’s seriously a must read though, her story needs to be shared.

True Writes

*This is very long and personal post about my daughter’s birth. But I’m sick to death of only hearing the ‘good’ stories while mine goes untold*

February 1st is my daughter’s second birthday. A milestone that five or six years ago seemed completely impossible, yet it’s not a milestone I’m not yet able to embrace without still reeling from the trauma of her birth.

I should be delighted in the fact that my beautiful, intelligent, independent, happy and fearless little girl is growing up into an amazing child. Every day she does something that makes me think, “holy shit, this kid is awesome”. And while I do feel that, I still feel pain. I feel angry that I was cheated of the first few days of her life, I feel angry that after two years I still have yet to regain my abdominal strength, I’m angry that after two…

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