Run, Run, Run!

Seven days out from starting the 12 Week Body Transformation.

Seven Days!

I’m very excited. This lifestyle change has been a long time coming. While metaphorically I want to run from The Beast, I’m actually getting fit to fight The Beast head on. I’ve already lost some weight since the beginning of January, by just changing my diet and exercising three to four times per week. I’m wearing a pair of shorts today, that a month ago were uncomfortably tight around my thighs. They’re not loose today, but they’re definitely fitting me much better than they were.


This is Tiffiny, my treadmill. Named after Tiffiny Hall who used to be the White Team’s trainer on The Biggest Loser (Australia). I’ve got two of her books and as a trainer, her words really resonate with me. What I like about her (and Michelle Bridges too) is that she knows that it’s not just about diet and exercise. It’s getting your mental state in the zone. Being focused.

One thing I’ve really liked so far about the 12 WBT, is the ‘pre season tasks’. these have really helped me prepare and focus on the main event. I watched Michelle Bridges’ video this week for task 7, The Fitness Test. I haven’t had time to do it yet, but I know that I’m a beginner in every sense. Running just 100m on my treadmill makes me want to keel over and die. I’m also pretty poor with my core body strength. Lifting and moving heavy objects I’m good at, but that is thanks to my nursing work and moving very heavy patients and their beds etc.

One of my earliest tasks is to invest in a decent pair of trainers. The ones I have now give me no support and I end up with shin splints.

Running Tips For Beginners

So here’s to the next six days. JFDI!

Edit 5/2/13: I just had to add this… I weighed in this morning (normally on Wednesday mornings, but I won’t get time tomorrow before work) and I’ve lost another 500gm! I’m down from starting weight of 79kg to 77.6kg. My hard work is paying off. Feels so so good!


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