Me and My Ted

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a bit of a car lover. My parents bought a 1984 VK Holden Commodore, that was a V8 and I just adored the car. I called him Bluey and he was loud and proud and in my own thoughts, another member of the family.

Not my parents car, but same colour, minus the red speed stripe

Then they sold that car for a 1995 VR Commodore Berlina.

Again, not their car, but same model and colour

We were a Holden family. My uncle was a Holden mechanic and we pledged our allegiance to the General. All of my cousins families also had Holdens.

When I finally got my licence, I actually didn’t buy a Holden. I bought a Mazda 2, on the advice of my mechanic uncle. I named him Max and we went everywhere together. He was a victim of pregnancy though and had to go because it was too tight a squeeze in there with Missy’s seat.

Me and my Max, we went everywhere together

We bought a really lovely FG Falcon XR6 (yes, this true Holden girl bought a Ford and did actually love the car). The Ford (it’s name) was a head turner. It looked so schmick. Dark grey. Chrome mags. Darker than legal reflective tints. Just beautiful. However mechanically it was a lemon and it’s gearbox blew up at 69000km, so it had to go.

Unfortunately this shot is quite blurry, I couldn’t find a better photo on Facebook

So when the gearbox blew, we needed to buy a new car very quickly. Which is how Ted came into our family


I finally owned a Holden of my own and I was a proud as. Nothing could have wiped the smile off my face the day I drove out of the dealership in my new Commodore.

I named him Ted after the 1980s Australian sitcom character, Ted Bullpit from Kingswood Country.

If you ignore how politically incorrect Ted Bullpit is and appreciate his car obsession, you’ll understand why my Ted is named after him

So, after knowing my car loving history, I’m sure you’ll appreciate how I reacted this morning when my beautiful car was rear ended on my way to work.

We were stopped at traffic lights and suddenly the car behind me rolled into my bumper bar. I was devastated! Also so thankful that there were no injuries, since my Little Miss was in the back seat.

I was more annoyed at the woman’s attitude. She was all “oops”. Seriously. Then her dad said to me “maybe we don’t need to go through insurance?” To which I replied “yeah, I will be making a claim”. Seriously.

I wanted to cry. Missy and I were not injured and neither was the other woman. Her car had no damage at all, not even the number plate cover got cracked. My poor Ted sustained it all.

The insurance company have been just lovely. Really really helpful. They have advised me that it won’t cost me a cent to have the repairs done and my rating won’t be affected since I’m not at fault. It’s so annoying though because it will end up costing me. I’m casually employed. I’ll need to take a day off work or more, to get it sorted. I’ve now got to be at a smash repairer at 7:30am tomorrow, when I should be at work. The woman’s cavalier attitude this morning is making me more and more annoyed the more I think about it.

So tomorrow Ted and I are off to the assessors to see if he needs a new bumper bar. Hopefully just a respray will suffice and no other damage has been done.

Lesson here is to keep your insurance up and drive carefully. In about 6 years of driving independently (once off my learners permit) I’ve had two minor crashes. One was me reversing into another car (afternoon sun shining in my face and I couldn’t see) and the other was today. My at fault accident was actually five years ago near exactly!

Missy and I were extremely lucky we weren’t injured.



6 thoughts on “Me and My Ted

    • Thanks šŸ™‚ yeah we’re ok, more distraught over the car. It’s going into the panel beaters on the 8th of April, which is good because I’ll have it back all shiny & new in time for my birthday.

  1. Didn’t realise I hadn’t responded to this one.

    Ok glad you we’ren’t hurt… FB put me off – thought I’d commented…

    All those cars are magnificent. I’m a bit of a car person too. I appreciate cars – I don’t have a great one, however. I call her Crapastra.

    My favourite Commodore is the VL. I think that car was awesome and still looks awesome. Whenever I see some old guy driving one, I swear I wanna just pull him over and say how much?
    Husband is itching for a V8. I wish we had the spare cash to buy one (and be able to run her).

    • That’s ok, thanks šŸ™‚ Haha, Crapastra, I’m fairly sure I’ve seen you mention her on Twitter. I have a soft spot for the VL too. It was the first in the new generation of Commodores.We would love another V8 too. When we got married, my husband had a 2004 BA GT (Ford) and it was a magnificent car, but was a victim of mortgage. We talk about getting another V8 one day, making do with his Mini at the moment though.

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