Star Wars Day and a Wedding

On this coming Saturday, Star Wars Day, I’m a bridesmaid for my lovely sister in law.

We are wearing navy one shoulder gowns and silver accessories. The ceremony is at a golf course overlooking a beach in northern Sydney and the reception will be at the golf club.

Tonight we had our final fitting for our dresses and I’m so proud to say that I look stunning. Okay, I’m tooting my own trumpet there, but I’m a whole twelve kilograms smaller than when we ordered the dress. It does look really good. Best of all, I feel really good in it. It’s flattering and stunning in its simplicity.

So anyway, my dear friend Pippityroo tried her wedding dress on the other day to see if it still fit (and it was too big! So wow!) so I thought I’d try mine on too and it’s just too tight. I think in about three kilograms it will fit comfortably.

Please ignore my currently half renovated kitchen in the background. My new kitchen, complete with photos will be a new blogpost in the future.

So I’m nearly ready for Saturday. My nails are done and so is my hair. I have some wonderful medications to assist in the recovery from my hangover on Sunday morning. Comfortable shoes to wear once the ceremony and photos are finished. My husband is charging the camera to make sure it is ready to go. I’m also trying to think of a plan of attack to keep Missy the Flowergirl, happy.

I just have to pack an overnight bag for us all. Ugh. I hate packing. I always end up with too much crap.

Anyway, follow me on twitter @Clairzilla because I’ll be sure to be tweeting on Saturday (in between desperately seeking a powerpoint to keep my iFail battery charged).

Have a great weekend! And May the Fourth be with you.



6 thoughts on “Star Wars Day and a Wedding

  1. you go girl….you look fabulous….i could do this but it would be cheating I was at my biggest on my wedding day 🙂 when I have lost a bit more I want to do a trash the dress session…..I did that thing people don’t usually admit to and bought the $300 chinese version of a designer dress…’s gorgeous and I love it but I would like to hope that if I have daughters they will never be able to fit it…

  2. You know what is really awesome to hear someone say? That they look good. You (well I) pretty much never hear women feeling proud of their body & happy to say so. How refreshing & inspiring.
    Have a terrific time on Saturday.

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