One Weekend in May

I came to the Eurovision Song Contest quite late in the piece. The first time I watched in entirety, was in 2010 when I was in Switzerland. I’d heard about it, however for many years preceding, I just didn’t watch. However, I was super impressed with Lordi back in 2006.

It’s safe to say that I’m now a total convert and wait with serious anticipation for the start of the broadcast down here in Australia. The two semi finals and grand final are broadcast over three nights and to add to the fun, just about everyone I follow on Twitter watches too and tweets about it. We also desperately keep ourselves from knowing who won the competition (the grand final is live at 5am or so, Sydney time, but not aired until 7:30pm Sydney time). Yesterday I did not watch any news, I also muted all Eurovision chatter on Twitter.

Do you know how hard it is to go a day without news or social media?

Safe to say, I’m serious about my Eurovision.

So here’s my wrap up of the proceedings:

Sweden: after 2012’s amazing Loreen, unfortunately, Robin just didn’t have that same appeal. Also, Petra. No love, you are not Sweden’s Oprah. Also, please. Don’t insult your audience (pro tip).

Malta: The singing Dr Gianluca. I loved this song the most and it was actually the song I gave my vote for in the unofficial poll on the SBS website (and not because of my alleged Maltese DNA either). It was a little bit Vampire Weekend, a little bit Jack Johnson. A lot of awesome. It’s a real shame Malta doesn’t have any close neighbours to vote blindly for them!

Azerbaijan: the winners of 2011 backed it up yesterday to come third this year. A great song with an interesting dancer inside a glass box.

United Kingdom: It’s like you’ve given up. Last year, rolling out a holographic Englebert Humperdinck and this year rolling out Bonnie Tyler (yeah, the Total Eclipse of the Heart lady from about 1982). The poor love was savaged online. She was pitchy though and the song boring as heck. Needed laser eyes and boarding school boys.

Romania: Aussie crowd favourite. He was what the Eurovision Song Contest is all about. Electronic music, opera and wacky costumes. So much awesome. Every time I play this song, my husband threatens to leave.

Greece: Another Aussie crowd favourite, but just didn’t do it for me. Lots of unfunny austerity and GDP jokes online through.

The Netherlands: Talked up by the Aussie hosts as being a 1980s Alanis Morrisette… Yeah, Alanis should be insulted.

The surprising songs for me, that I admit I didn’t love when I first saw them being performed were Moldova’s gorgeous Aliona Moon and Estonia’s breathtakingly beautiful Birgit. I’m going to admit that I have the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 album and have been listening to it fairly much non stop since yesterday and singing along loudly. No idea of the words, no idea of the pronunciation, but I’m singing.

I’m also swept up in French singer Amandine Bourgeois who’s song L’enfer Et Moi, to me would not sound out of place in a Tarantino film.

And of course… The winner. Emmelie de Forest from Denmark. Very catchy!

Cannot wait for 2014!



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