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If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I just about never post specifically about parenting. Sure, I mention her at times and really, how having her lead to my diagnosis with PTSD and PND, but I don’t really ever speak about day to day parenting. It’s not really my thing.

Today though, oh my goodness today.

My mum asked me last week to go with her to Costco today. Costco opened in Sydney a little while ago and to be honest, it didn’t interest me ever to go, simply because if I need toilet paper, I don’t buy it in lots of one hundred rolls, so the local supermarket sufficed. However I was up for something to distract me from the stress of marking.


We weren’t even out of the driveway yet and Miss Almost-Two started tantruming about whatever issue she had with something. So I cracked it. Mum says “don’t yell at her”.


She finally stopped screaming. Still no idea what was going on. However I strongly believe she was hungry. She did refuse breakfast though. I can’t force food into her.

Then we get to Costco, which is a 30 minute drive away. She starts again. Epic meltdown of embarrassing proportions. So bad I was ready to throw her. Even Mum and my sister couldn’t calm her down. So we manage to get her to eat a bread roll. In order to get one for her, I needed to buy a bag of thirty six. 36! Who on earth needs to buy a thirty six pack of bread rolls? Baked fresh daily! At least she stopped screaming. She ate two bread rolls and then went to sleep as I was pushing her pram around the store.

After looking at enormous boxes of foreign branded foods and battling the biggest shopping trolleys I’ve ever seen loaded with enormous boxes of foreign branded foods, it was time to leave.

Cue another tantrum.

Honestly, her default response today to everything was to tantrum.

Honestly though, I’m absolutely certain that it’s all a reaction to me working so much. This week is the last week of university semester, so next week I’m back to two days per week for a little while. I think she needs me at home for a little while.



5 thoughts on “The Mummy Blog

  1. Well, as I don’t have kids I only know this from the other side (30 years ago…). After all this years I think, there’s no need for a reason to tantrum. At least I can’t remember any. Of course it’s never wrong to be at home with your kid 🙂 But I guess there are just some days that are “such days”. So if even we struggle with such days, kids for sure have their own procedure to handle them… 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I think. She’s so clingy to me, so it’s obvious that she misses me. Today she wanted cuddles while I was getting ready for work. It was hard, I was half an hour late for work, but at least we got to cuddle for a little while. It’s so hard to leave her.

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