Spider Pig

One of my oldest and dearest friends, has a Tumblr and she updates it fairly regularly with really funny memes, great photos of delicious food, lots of bacon memes and the most gorgeous pictures of puppies and other cute baby animals.


Well today, she posted gifs of huntsman spiders doing disgusting things like climbing all over a toilet and one in a web playing with a cigarette.


Anyway. I am not going to post the pictures here.

What I did find incidentally, was I started to reminisce about 1995 and have spent much of the last hour discussing 1995 with her and two others from high school on Facebook. In 1995, we were in year 7 and went on a camp to Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

It started off as good as can be, sunny, enormous rucksacks filled to the brim on our little 12 year old frames. Full of excitement. We caught the train out to Glenbrook and then hiked for hours and hours about three kilometers to our campsite, where we then put our tents up and built a camp fire to cook our sausages and toast our marshmallows.

My good friend brought along a toy ghost to hang in the tent, it was clap activated, making this “oooooohhhhhhh” sound and emitting a green light. She hung it from the centre and we had a good laugh, until this enormous thunderstorm happened out of nowhere and the ghost would not shut up.

Then we started talking about The X-Files. Remember that really awesome sci-fi show with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? Well, my friend told us about a worm that lived in the sewer.

The stuff of nightmares

Game over man. Toilet was not happening.

Another friend (who is chatting to us on Facebook) developed gastro. Probably from an undercooked sausage that hadn’t been kept cold enough while we hiked to camp. She wanted us to go to the toilet with her because she was terrified that the worm would come out while she was sitting down.

Uh-uh. Way too scary. Poor thing was on her own. Plus it was pouring with rain. Torrential. This storm was horrific. Our tents were starting to leak, they were so sodden with the rain.

We must have surely gotten some sleep that night. I can’t remember. However finally in the morning when the sun rose and we could see the damage from the night’s storm and rain, I remember thinking we were quite lucky to have gotten out of it unscathed. There were fallen branches from the huge trees everywhere and the creek had swollen right up into quite a torrent. There were kangaroos greeting us and we couldn’t start a fire because the wood was wet.

When we did pack and start the hike back, we stopped off at toilet that flushed and I made a very hasty entrance ready to finally go (remember the worm? I refused to use the non-flush hole in the ground toilet at camp) when I shut the stall door and looked up… THERE WAS A HUNTSMAN SPIDER.

I bolted. Thankfully did not wet my pants. I was busting. Put my rucksack back on and continued on until we got to the train station!

I remember at the time being terrified and it would absolutely horrify me if my daughter ever went on a camp like that, however gosh it was a good time. To think that nearly twenty years on, we can still laugh about it, is a very good thing.

I’m linking this blog up with Slapdash Mama at The Lounge. Pop on over and say G’day to her.

Also, just because I can:


Bacon stock cubes. I got a little bit arty-farty taking that photo on Hipstamatic. Yes the pack is open, I’ve tried it. Very salty, I’ll be sticking to real bacon in the future.



8 thoughts on “Spider Pig

  1. That camp sounds bloody terrifying. My husband went on a camp in high school where they were basically dumped in the bush and they had to sort of survive on their wits for a week. Holy moly that wouldn’t fly these days!
    Excellent bacon references. Thank you for linking up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know, right? To the teachers credit, they couldn’t have done anything anyway. The storm hit at night, there were no mobile phones back then either to call our parents on. Someone would have had to hike into Glenbrook through rugged bush to find a pay phone!

      Thank you for the opportunity to link up. I’m loving meeting other bloggers. It’s a great opportunity.

  2. Wow Clair. You have such a great memory. Was it really nearly 20 years ago? That makes me feel incredibly old. I remember the sausages! I remember that annoying rucksack and that walk to get to the campsite. Was nice hearing your version of the trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Haha! As a teacher supervising Year 7 camps, I sympathise with your teachers – screaming girls!! Actually, we scared the kids with a good ghost story this year. A good tactic to get everyone to stay in their rooms!

    • Year 7 kids are so funny. I remember thinking I was so grown up, I was in ‘High School’! Too scared to wee in a toilet… Lol. Truth be known, I’d probably be too scared to do it now at 30, but even my nurses bladder wouldn’t be able to hang on for over 24 hours nowadays. I’d be finding a tree in the bush ๐Ÿ˜‰

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