I’m Not a Grump. I Just Don’t Like Everything

You know when people say “Smile! It’s not that bad” and “Oh come on, cheer up” etc? Last Sunday, I participated in my second ever fun run. I did not however, receive the memo about it being fun. Eighty percent of why it wasn’t fun was my fault, however I really should have thought it through before signing up to participate.


I was ready to go, had my outfit laid out the night before and thought I knew where I was going.

Well you know what they say about assuming. I sure did make an ass of myself.

I ended up on the scenic route. Track work on the train line meant I needed a bus from Parramatta to Olympic Park. Then a connecting (all stations via the inner west line) train to the city. My 35 minute train ride became a one hour long journey.

Then my human error made it even longer!

First hiccup

Totally oblivious to it all

Major hiccup

I got off the train at Circular Quay thinking the run was at the Botanical Gardens (derp). Texted my friend who tells me the correct info (it’s actually in the eastern suburbs, nowhere near the CBD) so I had to get back on the train and get to Moore Park.

Back on the train

I finally got back to Central and onto a bus out to Moore Park. Then the bus driver got lost (!) and was asking the passengers for directions. One other runner looked up google maps on their iPhone and directed him. However he still managed to drop us off one whole kilometre from the start of the run.

I was still in text contact with my friend (the phone lines were jammed and I couldn’t get through). She waited as long as she could, however with me being so far away, she ended up having to start without me.

So I ran it on my own. Le sigh. I really should have given it more consideration. I hate three things in this world, dirt, overly happy people and crowds. The Color Run ticks all of these things.

Dirt. So much dirt! Overly happy people squirting coloured dirt in your face with over excited and happy people rolling around in the coloured dirt on the ground, giggling like maniacs among thousands of other giggling, dirty people running around throwing coloured dirt at one another.


If that makes people think that I’m a grumpy shit, I can live with that. I personally don’t think I’m a grump, just makes me like things different to everyone else.

One positive to come out of the run, was I did my first ever kilometre non stop jogging! I was slow, I did not do a PB, but I did not slow to a walk. That’s an achievement.

Then the journey home. (Please note the word journey). I had to walk over a kilometre back to the bus stop, then over a kilometre from the train station to the other bus stop to get home, to avoid taking a train and a just because of track work.

So yeah, I’m not doing that fun run again!


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