You Gotta Love This City

I’ve taken many photos of Sydney Harbour before. It’s so picturesque regardless of weather. It’s such a privilege to live here surrounded by this man made and natural beauty.

Sydney at Christmas/New Year is always a good time of year. Everyone is festive and relaxed. So today’s post is some of the photos I took last night from the cruise my work took for our end of year Christmas party. Yesterday was 43 degrees Celsius (which I worked out is 105 degrees Fahrenheit or something ridiculous). Anyway, we were melting but I still insisted on wearing the outfit I had chosen (last picture on the post).

The storm was rolling in while we were sweltering in a 43 degrees Celsius day

The colours in this one were just beautiful, but I’ve emphasised them with an Instagram filter

By far my most favourite photo of the evening. No Instagram filter here! A spectacular lightening storm was overhead for most of the night and I was trying to get a photo of the lights from Luna Park reflecting on the water and just as a took the photo, this happened with the lightening. So much purple!

The lights of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the CBD. Seeing it like this you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a sleepy city.

Black and White Instagram filtered Opera House.

Black and White Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And little old me.

I hope you’re having a great weekend and the Christmas rush isn’t getting away from you.

Xx Clair

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I remember hearing this song played over the loud speaker (the whole album actually) during the Sydney Olympics in 2000. That time was such a wonderful time to be in Sydney.


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