It’s Raining!

I have been in a bad headspace lately. PTSD is still happening and I’ve been using the Stop! technique at least a few times per day. However I’ve also been not really helping myself out of it because I’m essentially a lazy person.

This weekend my husband is off in my car (Ted can carry heavy loads whereas his 1974 Leyland Mini Clubman can’t) working on a project so I’m at home with Missy minus my vehicle. We needed groceries yesterday but it was raining really heavily for most of the day. Considering we’re 2.5km from the nearest shopping centre, I figured it was too risky to go in the heavy rain, then last night when my husband came home I had spent much of the day cleaning so I had a glass of wine and then couldn’t drive.

Having a giggle over this description. I would say “Tastes like red, will get you drunk”. In all seriousness though this is a really lovely wine.

So the plan was today to load Missy into the pram and hit the pavement. Then at 10am it started to rain. So I waited and the rain did clear a little so I decided we’d go anyway.

We found some ducks playing in the storm water drain next to the pub

Missy liked the ducks “Wook mummy! Ducks! Quack quack”

So the TL:DR version of this is, I got very wet. Missy didn’t as she was nice and protected under her rain cover.

On the positive side is that I walked 4.5km (not including the three laps of the shopping centre) so I’m back on the clock for March trying to get back to some level of fitness. My right hip is sore though, so I’m going to have to watch that so I don’t cause a serious injury for my next run.

I hope you’re having a great weekend wherever you are xx

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