2013 Really May Well Be My Year

I started writing this entry earlier today, so apologies for the lack of flow.

I’m sitting here at the University, with wet jeans and boots from the rain, eagerly awaiting my buzzer to sound, so I can collect my lunch.

It’s my second day of teaching and WOW I’m loving it.

For as long as I’ve been a nurse (yes, even in my AIN and EN days), I have wanted to be a nurse educator. I have wanted to try to instill my passion for healthcare in as many people as possible, so they could have that passion too. So they can give our community the best healthcare available.

As you, who may be a regular reader of my thoughts, may know, I have been the recipient of poor healthcare. It’s really the crux of why I have this blog. I needed care, it wasn’t great, I suffered. The snowball effect really is in progress in my life. So getting into the education side of nursing for me, has now become an absolute must. I must do my best to prevent anybody else suffering as a result of poor healthcare.

…then my lunch buzzer sounded, I collected my food and continued on with my day

Which leads me to tonight. I’m now currently lying in bed with my Missy, reflecting on my day. I was teaching first year nursing students today. They were as fresh as they come. All the positivity and hope of the world, beaming out of them. I asked them questions, they answered so eagerly (and comically incorrectly) and they laughed at my attempts to joke! Maybe it was polite chuckling, but I don’t care!

I know it is only my first week, but this teaching feels so right. So natural. It’s amazing. It’s invigorating my passion for nursing too.

On that positive note, I’ve decided to participate in a challenge. Run A Mile A Day every day in the month of March. Which for my metric system friends, is 1.6 kilometres. Today I walked and ran (because I can only run 200-300 metres at a time currently) 1.15 miles (1.85km) in 20 minutes. My ankle was sore after wearing my boots to work today and I was so tired because it’s Friday. With my ankle screaming at me and my body wanting to sleep, I pushed myself through. I had to do it.

Hopefully the torrential rain we’ve had subsides by tomorrow. I’d like to get back outside and go for a run, but I don’t like my chances. Thankfully I invested in my treadmill. No excuses with Tiffiny the Treadmill watching me from the kitchen all day.

Also, so you know, I’ve lost 6.5kg (14 lbs) since coming home from our short trip to Canberra in January this year. I’ve really been pushing myself to eat well and exercise. I did sign up to the 12WBT programme, but honestly, it’s not working out for me. I am not following the exercise or diet plan at all. However the support from the website is great and I’ve met some really nice people who are doing the programme this round.

Anyway, I’ve just discovered Pretty Woman is on the television tonight, so I’m signing off to go and lose myself in Vivienne and Edward’s world.